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Clover's Run Wildlife Sanctuary

For the rescue, rehabilitation and release of injured and orphaned native wildlife

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We are Matthew, Christie and Rhiannon.
We live on a bush property that edges the beautiful wild country around Bathurst, where our lives revolve around the rescue and care of orphaned and injured wildlife for rehabilitation back into the wild.
It’s a fulltime 24/7 job that we do along with our ‘normal’ jobs that are needed to support the ongoing care of these animals.
There is much suffering of our wildlife and a shortage of people to do the job. But you can’t unsee the extent of the injury, death and suffering – so we are committed to do as much as we can for each animal that crosses our path.
The privilege of caring for these wild creatures and travelling their road to recovery, or to their ending, is one we value every day. Getting to know these amazing animals up close and personal is deeply profound.
It can also be traumatic, exhausting and expensive.
We hope you will support us in this cause.

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Animal Rescue and Care

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Wildlife rescuers don't have the time, they have the heart.

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